Matt Barton


  • 2006   MFA; Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2001    BFA; Teaching Certification K-12, Montana State University; Bozeman, MT
  • 1998    American University, Italian studio art program    

Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2018    Soft Something, Black Cube Nomadic Museum/Understudy, Denver, CO
  • 2017    Dempasswords Gallery, Ojai, CA
  • 2016    Mysterium Tremendum (w/ Scott Johnson), CU-Boulder Art Museum, Boulder CO
  • 2015    Metatron’s Cube, University Village Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO
  • 2014    I Think I Feel Something, Museum of Contemporary Art-Denver
  • 2012    Be It, Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • 2011    It’s Everywhere, Dem Passwords, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2010   YESRAD, Cosign Projects, St. Louis. MO             
  • 2008   The Pittsburgh Biennial (featured solo exhibition), Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh Filmmakers
  • 2007   Electric Infinity, Front Room Gallery, Cleveland, OH                                  
  • 2001   Canon, Exit Gallery, Montana State University           
  • 1999    Galeria Gio, Perugia, Italy                      

Group Exhibitions:

  • 2019   Singing With Strangers, Museum of Contemporary Art – Denver
  •             TIME – Faculty Exhibit, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs
  • 2016    Healing Tools, video screenings, Reykjavik International Film Festival, Art Museum of Nanjing, China, China       Central  Academy of Fine Arts, Bejing, ArtRotterdam Intersections, Dortmunder U, Denmark
  •             Celestial Mystical Sprits, Sediment Gallery, Richmond, VA
  •             New Horizons, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs
  • 2015    The Institute for New Feeling, Felt Book, Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, OH
  • 2013    Gods and Monsters, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs, CO
  • 2012    Romper Room, SPACE Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
  •             Communikey Interdisciplinary Arts Festival, Boulder, CO
  •             Nightschool 2, Synchronicity Space, Los Angeles, CA
  •             Environmental, Sangre De Christo Arts center, Pueblo, CO
  • 2011    Land Before Skype, CS13, Cincinnati, OH
  •             HIVE, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs, CO
  •             BFF + Friends, The Cove, Brooklyn, NY
  •             VIA Music and New Media Festival, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2010   MOAN, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs, CO
  •             Videos Collide In Real 3D Space, 533 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  •             Goat Helper, Show Cave, Los Angeles, CA
  •             Woodness, Unsmoke systems, Braddock, PA
  •             Peak at the Arts, Pikes Peak Center, Colorado Springs, CO
  •             The Vault, SPACES, Cleveland, OH
  • 2009   Flaunt:Evoluton, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs, CO
  •             Americana, The Front, New Orleans, LA
  •             Smoke and Mirrors, SPACE, Pittsburgh, PA
  •             In That Gold Land, Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL
  •             Teach Me Show Me, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs, CO
  • 2008   New Faculty, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs, CO
  •              BigBot 250, Carnegie Museum of Art/ Natural History Museum, Pittsburgh,PA
  •              InVIDnation, Business of Arts Center, Manitou Springs, CO
  •              Illustrations of Catastrophe, Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA
  •              Altered Space, Fine Arts Center Modern, Colorado Springs, CO
  • 2007   Tough Art, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, PA
  •             Avatars of Beauty: Make Love With Sight, Deluge Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
  •             After Party, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA
  •             Home/Away, SPACE Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2006   Stuff It, Shore Institute of Contemporary Art, Long Branch, New Jersey
  •              Projects 2006, PPG Wintergarden, Pittsburgh, PA
  •             MFA Thesis Exhibition, Regina Miller Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2005   Rhizome Artbase 101, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, NY
  •             La Spazzatura e Tornata, Ex Colonia, Ballabio, Italy
  •             Roll Rampant and Free, Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA
  •             Live Video Karaoke, Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
  •             S.H.L., 801 Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
  •             Inkjet, Foreland Street Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2004   AMP Performance Series at the Brewhouse, Pittsburgh, PA
  •             Sloppy Slobbering Monster, The Bank, Kansas City, MO
  •             Buzzing Out on U, S, and A, Future Tenant, Pittsburgh, PA           
  •             The War Room, Artist Image Resource, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2003    Go..Go.., Robotic Arts Exhibition, Future Tenant, Pittsburgh, PA
  •              Portrait: Investigation of Self, London Institute, Camberwell College of Art, University of West England, Bristol
  • 2002   Art is for Snobs III, The Legion, Bozeman, MT

Teaching Experience:

  • 2007-  Associate Professor, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
  • Present
  • 2011/   Adjunct Faculty, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME
  • 2014
  • 2007   Adjunct Faculty, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA       

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